Alpaca dress

With a touch of emerald green for the holiday season

2 responses to “Alpaca dress

  1. Donna Kazakos

    I recently came across your sewing blog when on the internet searching for something- no doubt sewing related! What an inspiration you are! Like you I am a “mature” woman who has sewn my way through the decades; I too hated the 1980’s. Over the past few years I have returned to patterns from the mid century. How elegant those women were. Although I live in Surrey, in England, I buy patterns from ETSY and am astounded at how similar our tastes are. I LOVE your sense of colour and envy you MOODS fabrics. I own the Claire McCardell book! what shall I wear and love to read her views which have inspired me no end. I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your elegant outfits. I have referred your blog to my son’s friend, Elspeth who is 22 and will, without a doubt admire your style. As this is sent from my husband’s iPad it will appear to have come from Stavros! I am about to search the internet for a pattern similar to the one that is a focus for this post. Spring has arrived in the UK and I feel the need to sew fine wool Nd linen dresses!
    Looking forward to future posts.
    With Best wishes

  2. I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to get your note/comment. I so agree that the mid-century styles – and the women who wore them – are just so, so elegant! And it is so rewarding to sew from the vintage patterns. I have on occasion seen the pattern featured in this post for sale either on eBay or in an Etsy shop. I hope you can find it! I’ll be using this pattern again – for a linen dress. With any luck I may get it made this Summer!
    Thanks so much for writing – and I’d love for you to stay in touch!

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