Quiz: Match the fabric to the pattern

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I have promised a “next” post on a suit which I’ve been working on.  Another project (non-sewing) has taken me away from it for a few days, so it’s not quite finished yet.  However, to keep my promise, I’m offering a teaser:  can you pick the pattern which I am using to make my suit?

Here is the fabric, a lovely, finely woven and incredibly soft, windowpane check wool from France, which I purchased at Britex last summer in San Francisco:

The repeat on this fabric is 7", so it's a fairly bold check in soft black and beige

Here is another shot of the fabric, with my tomato pin cushion on it to help you determine its scale.

And here are four patterns.  Which one do you think I selected to make in this fabric?  (Click on the photos to see the patterns in more detail.)

Choice # 1: This pattern is copyright 1958. I featured it in an earlier post.

Choice # 2: Here is another pattern which I have already featured in an earlier post. It is copyright 1959. This pattern includes the blouse pattern, too.

Choice # 3: This pattern is also copyright 1958. It has kimono sleeves rather than set-in sleeves, and the skirt has no darts; rather the seams are curved to fit the hips and waist.

Choice #4: There is no copyright on this pattern, but I judge it to be from about 1962 (the hairdos and the increased pattern price are good clues!) This pattern also includes the blouse pattern.

Keep in mind that this fabric presents significant “plaid matching” challenges, which I had to consider when I decided on the pattern.  The more seams in a pattern, the higher the challenge (usually).  So – was I safe and cautious, or gutsy and daring?


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5 responses to “Quiz: Match the fabric to the pattern

  1. Oooo, I like them all. And I like your fabric choice. Since I’ve never actually seen what you look like I’m having to go from other things I know about you and sewing, my logical deduction is option number 3. Here are some of the points why I picked how I did:

    – I know you have been studying patterns for style-lines long enough not to only see the color or fabric choice as it is on the envelope (you won’t get stuck on the example like some people might).

    – It is the only pattern without set-in sleeves, keeping you from worrying about plaid-matching in the armseye (always a bit frustrating) because there is no seam there.

    – And I’ve always been told with multiple choice “when in doubt, pick C”. =)

  2. Barbara

    I also think you’ll go for number three. Although there are a lot of seams and those little tabs on the jacket front, the lack of set-in sleeves is a plus with a bold pattern.
    Thanks for the pique suggestion from Britech. That is a most lucious piece of fabric and definitely throws a kink into my decision!!.

  3. Barbara

    OOPS! Britex.
    My pattern came in the mail today and it looks great. Glad I decided on that one.

  4. Hmm. I’m going against the trend and I’ll say choice two! But I do think the collar on choice 4 is totally “Mommy”. Please bring the completed suit with you when you come to see me! That way…I can take your photo and finally allow your readers to see you in one of your creations. Love you, Mom!

  5. The are all great, but I vote for the safety of choice 2. It has a plaid example in the photos and might be easier to match when making.

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