Cookie Cutter Fashion

One thing that might get me out of the sewing room and into the kitchen is the thought of making “fashionable” cookies.  It must be the thought of producing numerous Little Black Dresses in one day, or of attaching sugary flounces onto the skirts of many ball gowns, or dreaming of more shoes than I could possibly wear, that makes this activity so enticing.  Add the ambience of Paris to that – and suddenly baking is almost as much fun as sewing.

What suddenly took my thoughts away from sewing  – and to flour, sugar, butter and rolling pins?  An image of the newest cookie cutters from Ann Clark recently arrived in my Inbox – and among the offerings is this lovely ballgown:

Cookie cutter fashion - gown

I can’t wait to add it to my small collection of other fashionable cutters, shown here:

Cookie cutters

The Little Black Dress is a must for any dressmaker’s wardrobe – and kitchen:

LBD cookie cutter

The tags which come with the cutters are as charming as the cutters themselves! (All images copyright by Ann Clark Ltd.)

The tags which come with the cutters are as charming as the cutters themselves! (All images copyright by Ann Clark Ltd.)

Think of the possibilities for the High Heel Shoe: polka dots, sparkles, stripes, plain and simple or fancy evening slipper:

High heel cookie cutter

Cookie cutter fashion - shoe

And what fashionable kitchen is complete with out the Eiffel Tower for stylish ambience?

Eiffel Tower cookie cutter

Cookie cutter fashion - Paris Recipes are included with each cutter, although I always use a tried and true shortbread concoction  that never fails me.  The decorating is the fun part – probably because it is creative, like sewing.  (I am hoping that a “Kelly” handbag cookie cutter might be the next addition to Ann Clark’s selection!)

Now, to be a little more serious about fashion sewing . . .  I’ve added another “page” to my blog – Favorite Products and Resources  (see up top).  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’ll add to it as I discover more treasures to share.

But – back to baking.  Should anyone be hosting a “Fashionable Feast,” I’ll bring dessert.  Cookies, of course!


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6 responses to “Cookie Cutter Fashion

  1. Cute cookie cutters! What a fun thing to collect!

    I did not inherit the cooking gene from my family, but I do love to bake! I guess sewing and baking go together – both require math and a bit of artistic ability. =)

  2. Zoe

    Love the cookie cutters! My mum is crazy about baking so we have lots of cutters too, but our are mainly christmas and animal themed.

  3. They are fabulous cutters! I love novelty cutters too, but don’t have anything as chic as these.

  4. Hi Karen,
    We love hearing how you love our Ann Clark Cookie Cutters and are thrilled you wrote this post. Is there any chance you could update the links to Thanks!

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