Sleepy Time for Two Little Valentines

Not all sewing needs to be couture-inspired. Sometimes simple pajamas are just right, especially when they are for two little granddaughters, with Valentine’s Day in mind.

Sleepy Time

I stumbled across this cozy flannel last year on

Sleepy time

Designed by Riley Blake and in her “Lovey Dovey” collection, it is certainly “heart” oriented, but not so much that it is restricted just to February 14th. I bought 3 yards and tucked it away for the day when my youngest granddaughter no longer needed to be in onesies. Well, guess what? That is this year!

I picked up this Butterick pattern as I really liked view CE on the left, and set about to make matching PJs for my two little girls.


One of the nice design details is the longer shirttail back of the pajama top. This makes it easier to tuck in if desired.

One of the nice design details is the longer shirttail back of the pajama top. This makes it easier to tuck in if desired.

Sleepy time

I’m very glad I have so much experience working with not enough fabric! I had to get very creative with the placement of the pattern pieces, and I was still a little short. I solved the problem by making the undercollars out of plain white flannel (which I had on hand.)

Sleepy time

I don’t own a serger, so to finish the seams and make them extra sturdy for many washings, I made flat felled seams throughout.

Sleepy time

I also added elastic to the sleeves and to the pajama pants legs, to help keep the cold air out and the warm body heat in.

Sleepy time

The fabric is so busy that I knew it did not need much embellishment, but I can never resist a little bit of rick rack, so I added a small flourish to the collars, applying it free-form.

Sleepy time

Sleepy time

When I “auditioned” the fabric for buttons, pink and red ones simply did not add any interest, so instead I chose to pick up the contrasting aqua.

Sleepy time

What fun to make something so simple, but so cute!

Wrapped up in festive paper, off they went across the miles…

Sleepy time

May your Valentine’s Day be cozy and sweet and a celebration of some of life’s simple joys!


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14 responses to “Sleepy Time for Two Little Valentines

  1. Little girl pajamas are always so much fun to make…love the Aqua trim!

  2. Mery

    Sweeter than candy & twice as nice. The girls are surely delighted. The rick rack and elastic add such special touches. Time flies. For items made more than a decade ago that proved to have special memories I wish I had at least a tiny square of the fabric saved with a picture. No big loss but the fabric itself would conjure up the memories even more clearly. May your day be sweet & merry & warm.

    • My daughter says the girls LOVE their new pajama. Fortunately, they are two little ones who seem to love to receive new clothing (as well as toys)! Isn’t it amazing how many memories can be in a small swatch of fabric? Another one of the joys of sewing!

  3. How adorable! I agree that sometimes a non- couture project is fun. I think the flat felled seams are better and stronger than serged. Happy Valentines Day to two lucky little girls.

  4. Marianne

    I love that fabric! I can imagine the little girls looking at all those tiny pictures when it’s bedtime. Very pretty. I miss sewing for little ones!

  5. Adorable! And so pretty, too. I agree that flat-felled seams, while taking a bit more time than running them through a serger, are stronger and look better!

  6. Kati

    Oh, how lovely! The little ones must have been really pleased. 🙂

  7. Marguerite

    What a wonderful surprise for your granddaughters! The PJs are so cozy looking. You are so lucky to have them to sew for!

    • Thank you, Marguerite! I am so lucky, you are right. The girls were so excited to have buttons on their pjs so they can practice that little skill. They were just with me for 10 days which was wonderful (and exhausting!) Now they both have birthdays coming up which might necessitate some more “little girl” sewing…

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