May Flowers – Blooming in July

When the flowers are blooming on Liberty Lawn, they are fresh well into the summer, right?  When I originally ordered this fabric last Fall, I intended for it to be a Springtime blouse.  

Once it arrived, however, it wasn’t right for a blouse.  Additionally, I thought the blue was going to be more of a navy blue (although it looks like navy here, it is really lighter than navy), so I was a bit disappointed and had to rearrange all my thinking on it.  This is why it is always best to obtain a swatch of fabric before ordering, a precaution I often do not heed, at my own peril.  

However, I had had it in the back of my mind to make a summer skirt this year so once I looked at this piece with fresh eyes, I saw the possibilities in it.  I envisioned a skirt with some swing to it, but not too full, and below-the-knee length.  Rather than search all over for such a pattern, I just used the skirt pattern I had altered for this dress:

The 5 gores in it give it a nice gentle sway, and the addition of the inverted pleat in the center front adds width without bulk.  I lined the skirt with cotton batiste, but used no underlining. 

I finished the seams of the fashion fabric with Hug Snug binding.

 I applied the lapped zipper by hand and finished the inside of the waistband with Hug Snug hem binding tape.  

I attached the batiste lining to the edge of the waistline before folding in the center inverted pleat.

Originally I was going to make a self-belt or sash out of the same fabric, but I thought that would be boring.  Then I thought about trying to find a straw belt to wear with it, but that notion did not go too far because I remembered a lime green silk sash I had made several years ago.  Although not an exact match, the green coordinates with the green in the Liberty fabric and, I thought, adds some necessary contrast.  Paired with a white tailored blouse, the outfit is still casual.  

Now I’m not disappointed with this fabric purchase!

Getting back to Liberty Lawn …   I can find myself lost for hours looking at online selections of Liberty fabric.  The designs, the color selections, and the silky quality are all so tempting. The pure number of beautiful prints is so great – that more often than not I find myself unable to make a decision.  There are some designs, however, that are so classic and eye-catching, and those eventually will find themselves in my check-out cart!  Yes, Summer flowers are yet to come…


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19 responses to “May Flowers – Blooming in July

  1. Barbara

    Lovely and thank you for sharing your process

  2. This is a lovely skirt!!! Your finishing techniques are, as always, a pleasure to see. I adore the center pleat. The green belt gives the skirt a happy and bright color scheme and the white blouse it divine. I was curious as to when we’d see another update from your sewing adventures and you haven’t disappointed me. Thanks for sharing your continued adventures with fabric.

    • Hi Peggy! Early summer always is a challenge for me – too many other things going on to keep up with sewing and this blog. Hopefully I’m back on track for a while now… Thank you for your lovely comment!

  3. Mery

    It’s all so lovely. Just perfect for summer. I love the skirt pattern you devised from the original. It has just enough fit to flatter and enough flare to sashay about town. Below the knee in loose skirts such as this is also good for very casual skirts worn with sandals (long, hot summers here).

    Speaking of summers, I thought of you and others summering closer to the extreme heat and fires usually associated with my southwest…while I’ve had unusual rain and cooler temperatures thus far. Your tan says you’ve been enjoying the great outdoors.
    Oh, that outfit is pretty. It is all just right.

    • Thank you, Mery! Yes, it’s been very hot and dry here in Wyoming, but of course there is no humidity. When one is from the muggy East Coast, one really appreciates those low dew points! And the nights are cool, sometimes chilly. Really lovely. I hope to wear this outfit to one of the performances of the Grand Teton Music Festival Symphony this summer…. Hugs to you across the miles!

  4. Karen, Floral skirts are so “in” this year and your’s is gorgeous! I’ve notice many more fabric stores carrying Liberty fabrics now including Amazon😊 Have your visited the Charlotte Brody website? I have enjoyed gathering inspiration from the floral skirts.

  5. Really pretty and summery look. I like the green sash better than a self fabric one; sets off the print better. Beautiful finishing work.

  6. Heather Myers

    What a nice skirt! Looks like you made a great pivot in your thinking on use of the fabric. I’m on the lookout for a nice gored skirt too. The pattern I had in mind didn’t fit well.

  7. Love, love, love your skirt with that sassy tie! You look ready for any spring or summer occasion. What beautiful attention you’ve given to your sewn garment! Lovely.

  8. This is a gorgeous outfit. I adore Liberty prints, especially their larger scale ones like this one. Your sewing is impeccable- almost as beautiful inside as out.

  9. Marguerite

    Really lovely! I think you have hit on the perfect length and width for this skirt. Plus, the meticulous work (as always) is a treat to view. And can I add that the styling of the white tailored blouse is just right. Carolina Herrera would be pleased to see that!

  10. What a great skirt! It is so classic, but still casual and fun, and the green sash is a perfect compliment! That fabric oozes quality, and your finish as usual, sends it over the top. Beautiful!

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