Another Rosy Outlook for the New Year

There is a fine art to planning ahead, and nowhere is this more obvious than in planning a new sewing year.  No matter how carefully I think it through, I still end up with some fabrics that never make it out of storage and some newly-purchased fabrics that quickly get moved to the head of the queue.  But no matter!  I still find it useful to make a list of intended projects, while at the same time reminding myself that being flexible and realistic about my intentions is what is really necessary.  (There are, after all, those unexpected special events which can’t be planned for, but which take top priority when the “save the date” card arrives in the mail.)

When I look back at what I accomplished in 2018, I happily find that about half my projects used fabrics which I had purchased at least a few years prior.  Some had actually been in my collection for more than a few years! Last year’s list was replete with rosy hues and rosy prints, and this year is not too different, especially considering three of my most favorite fabrics from last year are being forwarded onto my plans for 2019. Will this be the year that I finally get this vintage piece of Moygashel linen made into a dress?  I’ve only been trying to do this for at least three years now!

A very early 1950s’ linen, petite black flower silhouettes on a pale ecru background.

But for starters, and as with last year, I am first finishing up a project which I began, but did not have time to finish before the holidays took over my sewing room – and my life!

I am bound and determined to finish the Classic French Jacket I started in late 2018. While I am currently working on the body of the jacket, having completed its quilting, I am still undecided about trim.  I am auditioning different options, but have yet to find the perfect one.

However, I am anxious to get on with it, as the rest of my list includes:

1)  a wool coat

2)  3 cotton shirtwaist blouses

3)  1 boat-neck blouse (silk, maybe, or still undecided)

I love this French blouse-weight silk, so it is a heavy favorite for a boat-neck blouse to be made along with fellow dressmakers enrolled in Susan Khalje’s Couture Sewing Club.

4)  1 linen skirt

5)  2 wool skirts

6)  1 wool, two-piece dress

7)  1 cotton dress

I found this amazing cotton at Mulberry Silks in North Carolina when I was looking for fabric for the Christmas dresses for my granddaughters.

8)  1 linen dress – referenced above

9)  1 silk dress

10) birthday dresses for my two little granddaughters

11) play dresses for granddaughters

12) holiday/Christmas sewing for those same two little girls

and finally

13) some necessary home decorator sewing, which is not my favorite thing to do, until I see it finished and can enjoy living with it!

The wool coat will be my first major project in 2019 once the French jacket is finished.  I can’t wait to get started on this vintage Lesur wool from Paris, lined in a pink, gray and white silk purchased from Mendel Goldberg a few years ago.

I will probably make a simple wool skirt before starting the coat, as I know it will be a relatively quick project nestled between the jacket and the coat.  I found this wool when Promenade Fabrics was closing their Etsy shop a few months ago.  How I love a red and navy tartan.  I could not resist it, and I am glad I didn’t.

The hand of this wool is so lovely. I think it will make a beautiful skirt. And I have just the shoes to wear with it!

Life is, of course, filled with all kinds of non-sewing duties, and I have plenty on that list, too.  It will be a tricky balancing act to make significant progress in both realms, but my guess is that sewing wins out over cleaning out the attic.

Welcome, 2019, with all your grand opportunities!


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10 responses to “Another Rosy Outlook for the New Year

  1. Mery

    Ooh! They’re all lovely. Thanks for this preview. That’s a generous amount of sewing. Your granddaughters are still at an ideal age to sew for. If you mention when you’re beginning your household sewing and attic cleaning, we can either angst with you or go and do likewise. I’ve spent more time these past few months wishing and planning a dumb waiter to my attic than it would take to build it myself. I have good stairs but this would be much more convenient. For a decade 20-30 years ago I had a maid who liked to clean my attic. Best wish for a happy, healthy and productive year, and thank you again for sharing.

    • That’s what I need – an attic-cleaning maid, or maybe just a clone of myself so I can sew and clean at the same time! Yes, I always plan too much sewing, but “hope springs eternal” as the saying goes. I really want to sew for my granddaughters while they still want me to! I know it won’t last forever. However, if I keep buying fabric for them, then it could possibly last forever. They just won’t want to wear what I make!

  2. That pink wool and lining are so perfect together! I always enjoy reading about your plans for the year, and seeing the fabrics you want to work with; always so beautiful! I am narrowing my thoughts on sewing projects for this year, then got side tracked with Pattern Review’s announcement of the 2019 Sewing Bee Contest. I’ve decided I will participate in Round 1 only IF the project is something I was considering making anyway, otherwise I am going to put my list in order, and get started. 🙂

    • It’s always fun to think about the new year and new sewing opportunities. I’m hoping you will enter the Sewing Bee contest, and if you do, I’m cheering for you!
      As for that pink wool and lining – it occupies my thoughts a lot!

  3. Peggy Warren

    Your fabrics are divine and I’m in awe of your project list. I’m attending a refresher sewing course later this month and am just now feeling recovered from my deluge of sewing giveaways for Christmas. I look forward to hearing how your garments for yourself and granddaughters turn out, as well as your home decorator sewing – please share some photos of that!

    • I think my project list is too long, but I know from past experience that things get juggled around during the year. It always takes me a bit of time to “recover” from Christmas sewing and the holidays in general, but happily I am back at it now!

  4. I look forward to see the finished projects, especially number 3.

  5. I always love seeing what you have planned. You have wonderful projects coming.

  6. Anne

    Great plans. I never get around to the PR contest either. I was going to think about the sewing bee but decided against it after seeing the theme.

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